The Power of Intuitive Body Wisdom

Troy Ismir
3 min readAug 4, 2022


About two weeks ago I let go of my wrist slave, aka my Fitbit.

I think there is still a place for the Fitbit in our daily lives and I may go back to it at some time, but for now I am choosing to tap into the power of my intuitive body wisdom.

What has become most important to me is to get in tune with my body wisdom asking myself simple questions like how much sleep do I need and how can I optimize it?

Something I have struggled with off and on for years.

My Fitbit can’t answer that for me.

I know when my sleep quality is poor.

I don’t need my Fitbit to scream at me that I need more quality sleep.

My body already tells me that I feel sleep deprived.

What I really want is to feel good.

Letting go of overtraining and under-sleeping (something I am still working on) has been crucial in optimizing my health.

My problem has been over-exercising and under-recovering which is just as damaging to my body as someone who under-exercises and over-recovers. Both have unique problems of their own.

One simple thing I am learning to do is to get curious about what my body is trying to tell me without judgment.

Getting fully in tune with my body wisdom allows me to feel my best along with performing my best physically, mentally and spiritually.

Yes it was fun to see my Fitbit give me some acknowledgement with a mini-fireworks display on my watch when I hit 10,000 steps and sometimes 20,000 steps in a day.

But my true reward is living a life of vitality knowing that I am doing good things for my body, mind and spirit when I find balance in my life.

I am choosing to dive as deep as possible into learning what my body needs.

It’s different than it was a decade ago and it’s different than it was yesterday.

There is freedom in letting go of my wrist slave.

It’s a liberating feeling to fully embrace the wisdom of my body and do my best to attain Self-knowing.

No more pushing through pain.

No more sacrificing my body to look a certain way.

No more having to prove that I am enough through sports and fitness.

I am enough as a divine son of God, an immortal soul, made in the image of God, in oneness with God.

No Fitbit will ever tell me that.

Only I can know that through my own intuitive wisdom.

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Troy Ismir

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