Inner Peace…Where are You?

Worry and Fear Rob our Inner Peace

The two biggest robbers of our inner peace are worry and fear. I worry about trying to make everyone happy and fear rears its ugly head when I fully step into sharing my voice on my entrepreneurial adventure.

What’s Your Resistance?

As I have been expressing my voice over the last ten days and showing more of my authentic self I started to get the worst sore throat and terrible mouth pain all on my right side. I was trying to understand what was going on and why this was happening. After I did some research and consulting I realized that there was resistance showing up sharing my authentic voice.

Be Your Authentic Self…No Matter What

Writing about fitness is safe. Fitness will always be a big part of my life, but as I step off the fitness platform a little more and step onto the faith platform, I realize the dynamic completely changes. My life’s work is the integration of faith and fitness. As I truly express myself not everyone is going to agree or like what I have to say. I am going to have to be OK with that. Certainly not everyone liked what Jesus had to say.

Jesus is Rest for our Soul

I now understand that Jesus can be the only one that can bring me rest and peace to my soul. I am going to write what is being put on my heart. I am going to pray and meditate that I will have inner peace regardless of my circumstances. I will let go of control and embrace the uncertainty of life and trust God and all of His promises. That is the only way to true inner peace.



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Troy Ismir

Troy Ismir

Troy is an inner transformation coach that helps men take a chance on themselves so we can experience a better, more authentic and more fulfilling life.